Coat of Arms of Armenia

How to Help Armenia

Collection of resources and ideas for everyone

Help with Money

Donate to official funds where you know that the money will be well used.

Give as much as you can now and consider donating on a monthly basis.

Help with Time

  • Educate yourself and others around you
  • Share news articles and what's going on
  • Post facts on social media
  • Expose and call out fake claims
  • Report hate speech
  • Connect with Armenian online communities to see where your skills can be used

Help with Voice

  • Speak up on social media. Spread the truth and engage in communication with others
  • Raise your concerns and sign petitions that benefit Armenia. Click here to see the list of relevant online petitions

Help with Knowledge

Options are endless. Click here to see the breakdown by resource for more details.

  • Create educational material that can be shared on social media
  • Raise your concerns and sign petitions that benefit Armenia. Click here to see the list of petitions for US citizens

Designers and Creatives

Design educational material that can be shared, printed and showcased.

  • Create infographics
  • Create banners for websites
  • Create posters for printing
  • Create presentations
  • Shoot videos that promote Armenia


Get involved with other projects and help Armenian websites:

  • Get in touch with news outlets and governmental websites and see if they can use your skills
  • Get in touch with online Armenian communities and see if there are projects or ideas where your skills can be useful
  • Evaluate websites, report and document security issues and submit them to the team in a secure manner


Promote Armenia and preserve its cultural heritage.

  • Create, compose and perform pieces that promote Armenia
  • Preserve Armenian history by using historical elements in your work
  • Create pieces dedicated to the Armenian troops. Make them proud for protecting the country


Provide authority for online articles, Wikis and discussions. Promote knowledge and remind people of what happened in the past.

  • Update and maintain Wikipedia pages related to Armenia and its history
  • Curate the events that happened in the past and that lead us to this point


Use your knowledge to spread the truth and protect Armenian side.

  • Translate news and what's happening in Armenia
  • Write articles in other languages and share them on social media
  • Help online news outlets with proofreading and translations
  • Translate Armenian history books into other languages


Write about Armenia

  • Include elements from Armenian folklore in your writing
  • Include Armenian characters and locations in your books